Mini Wolf & Co is a children’s lifestyle brand that has meticulously selected a range of clothing, toys and accessories from all around the globe. Our purpose is all about bringing you and your little ones high quality, exclusive and unique products to revel in!
When shopping with us, we want you to know you will be purchasing the best quality items made to last.
Mini Wolf & Co came about after having two young boys (Cassus- 4, Blaine- 1), and finding it a real struggle to buy unique, quality clothing that really stood out for boys but also for all our little ones. 
Here at Mini Wolf & Co we are all about BOLD, DARING and LIVELY!
BOLD being Courageous, DARING being adventurous and LIVELY being full of life & energy- just like children. We have a real passion for KIDS, kids clothing and quality products.
As an independent family run store we take great joy in offering a personalised service, are always happy to help (may it be with styling advice, perhaps ideas for a birthday/special occasion gift, or anything really!).
We are very passionate about the brands we bring to you, and are regularly adding new items to our store (Keep an eye on our NEW section & make sure you are subscribed to be kept up to date!).
If you have any questions, comments or feedback, drop us a line at miniwolfandco@gmail.com
We hope you love what we are all about!
Team Mini Wolf & Co.
Connect with us:
Email: miniwolfandco@gmail.com
Phone: +64 21 070 3742
Instagram: www.instagram.com/miniwolfandco
Facebook: www.facebook.com/miniwolfandco